Women Business Angels in Europe


Emergence of women business angel investors.


According to recent statistics, only a small percentage of business angel investors in Europe, the last years, were women. Across European Countries, according to EBAN (European Business Angel Network) 11% of investors were women. This compares with around 20% in the United States. As a result, there is a growing interest in women angels and in new initiatives to support and encourage them.

There are systematic differences between women and men investors, and members of women-only networks do differ from women who join mixed networks. These differences seem to slow down women’s participation in the angel investment market in general.

Women investors do appear to have a lower propensity for risk and a more restrained attitude to investment: they made smaller and fewer investments, were less likely to invest in innovative ventures that are connected to the technology.

What about risk?


Business angel investment is until now a male activity, and a recent research confirms that in terms of competition and performance women perform less well mixed business angels’ networks. In terms of attitudes and mindsets, women tend to underestimate their capacity to make ‘risky’ investments.

On the other hand, women can think more flexible as long as they are not discouraged by the stereotypical images. This is the reason, efforts must be done to empower more women to become business angels!

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