Study on Female Entrepreneurship


Female entrepreneurship has achieved a remarkable presence in global economic growth.

In recent years governments in many countries all over the world have been trying to encourage female entrepreneurship through various projects, incentives and promotional measures. However, women are still the minority of all entrepreneurs.

Women-owned businesses are vital to the health of the European economy. Despite encouraging the progress, the EU should take further steps to unleash the full potential of businesses, particularly women-owned small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Today, female entrepreneurs in Europe are very low percentage (around 30%) of all entrepreneurs.

Which are the problems?

Surveys show, that the social factors prevailing in each country are very important and have a significant impact on the development of female entrepreneurship. There are various inhibitors of female entrepreneurship worldwide, such as the difficulty of accessing finance, lack of funds, the country’s institutional framework, and so on.

Additionally, there is a tendency for women to be active in sectors targeted at the final consumer (eg retail). In particular, young female entrepreneurs focus on consumer-related activities rather than being enterpreneur.

Female entrepreneurship can face more obstacles and problems than men, but with the right moves and motives, this can change radically.

The support of the government, organizations, business angels and other entrepreneurs, will always be crucial in order to offer not only a technical advice but also support. Women need to find the motivation and energy to continue in a project despite all the difficulties. Maybe this sounds challenging but in the end is rewarding.

Facts for Greece:

The performance of Greek companies ran by female top executives is obviously better than all companies:

they are impressively improving their profitability in years 2014 -2015.

Nevertheless, the entry of women into the highest ranks of management of Greek enterprises is still lagging compared to men!

Both in Europe and in Greece, changes must take place, but some of them have already begun to appear on the horizon!