What can you tell us about your company?

I founded my company in 1986. At the beginning we were only typists. About 20 years ago, we began to work in editorial field as graphic company. Actually our clients are the most important publishing houses in Italy: Zanichelli, Loescher, Pearson, Mondadori. Two years ago we started working  in multimedia for some  publishing companies  dealing with education: now we prepare material for school ebooks.  We are able to work also in foreign languages such as English, French and German.

What or who inspired you to set up your own company?

I think that was driven by curiosity and the development that’s why I have innovated my company. I changed services at least three times during this 31 years. Personally I took part to a meeting, in innovation pole in which I had the opportunity to hear and learn what the other companies , especially those who are technologically advanced (such as software house, e-learning companies) have done; they inspired me in increasing my company services.

What were the challenges that you faced when you decided to launch your company? Did you have any support from organisations?

When I decided to launch my company, it was 31 years ago, I had no support. Now, that my company is associated with the entrepreneurial association API (Organization of Turin SME) and with APID (Organization of Turin SME–Female Entrepreneurship) I have right support in many field such as legal, economical, union and so on.

Entrepreneurship is still often considered a man’s territory; what advice would you give young women who want to become an entrepreneur?

To point out their objectives. To never stop learning so they can  improve their knowledge and to be able to work with other people to share their opinions and their thoughts.

What is your favourite part of your job?

To search new hi-tech services and to have the trust of the customers.

Favourite quote/motto?“Nothing is impossible.”

Name of the business:  I.T.G. s.a.s. di De Meo Angela & C.

Other positions: Consigliera APID